Medicare doctors in multiple states and Medicare Part A and Part B

When you’re enrolled in Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, you can generally see any Medicare doctors in the country that takes Medicare assignment (a payment agreement with Medicare). This is very convenient if you travel for extended periods of time or live in multiple states. With this flexibility, you may be able to have a Medicare doctor in each state.

Medicare doctors in multiple states and Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) insurance can generally be portable if a person moves from one state to another, but might not accommodate a beneficiary who lives in multiple states. Medicare Supplement insurance works alongside your Original Medicare coverage. If you have a type of Medigap plan called Medicare SELECT, you may be restricted to Medicare doctors within the plan’s network. If you live in multiple states and have any Medigap plan, call your plan and ask about coverage details for Medicare doctors for your situation.

Medicare doctors in multiple states and Medicare Advantage

If you have other Medicare coverage, such as a Medicare Advantage policy (Part C), you might not be able to have Medicare doctors in different locations. You’ll need to check with the plan about its coverage rules when you live in multiple states.

Coordinated care with Medicare doctors

To prevent duplication of services and make sure you get the appropriate care when it’s needed, it’s important that your Medicare doctors are able to communicate with each other and help coordinate your care.

Medicare has established coordinated care programs that include Accountable Care Organizations and the Comprehensive Primary Care initiative. These programs help Medicare doctors coordinate health care needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

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