The manufacturer brands a generic medication acetaminophen as Tylenol, a pain-reliever and fever-reducer sometimes used to treat arthritis. Part A and B of Original Medicare may not cover Tylenol in either an over-the-counter or prescription strength form. To get most prescriptions covered, Medicare recipients might need to enroll in either a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that covers prescriptions. Typically, Medicare recipients have to pay for take-home, over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol themselves, even if they have a prescription drug plan.

What is Tylenol?

This common medicine relieves pain and reduces fevers. People might take over-the-counter Tylenol for minor headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, backaches, or fevers that they choose to treat at home. In some cases, doctors may also offer prescription medications that contain Tylenol in order to treat more severe pain, such as postoperative pain. This medicine comes in the form of capsules, tablets, oral liquids, suppositories, and IV solutions.

How does Medicare cover Tylenol?

Medicare Part A typically only covers medicine that inpatients receive in a hospital, hospice, or similar facility. For inpatients, Part A may cover all forms of Tylenol. Medicare Part B covers selected prescriptions that patients have administered inside of outpatient centers.

If patients buy an over-the-counter bottle of Tylenol to take at home, they probably have to pay for it without assistance from Medicare. On the other hand, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans may help cover prescription-strength medicine that contains Tylenol. In addition, a prescription for Tylenol might be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan that offers prescription benefits.

To learn more about how Medicare plan options cover Tylenol and other prescriptions, see the plan formulary. This lists covered prescription medicine and tells how it is covered. Medicare plan options might cover generics differently than brand- medicine. Insurers may change these formularies, but they need to notify plan enrollees before they make any changes.

How to find Medicare plan options to cover Tylenol

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