If your doctor prescribes treatment with Lanoxin, Medicare generally will not cover your medication, unless you are enrolled in stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage or a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan. Here’s what you should know about Medicare coverage of prescription drugs such as Lanoxin.

What is Lanoxin used for?

Lanoxin is a brand- name formulation of the prescription drug digoxin. It is most often prescribed to treat mild to moderate heart failure, and helps control your heart rate, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It’s used to treat certain problems related to your heartbeat rhythm, such as arrhythmias, and chronic atrial fibrillation in adults, the NIH reports.

If you take Lanoxin, your doctor will carefully monitor the digoxin level in your blood to make sure it doesn’t get too high and cause adverse side effects, since toxic levels are only slightly higher than therapeutic levels, according to the FDA.

When does Medicare cover Lanoxin?

Like most prescription medications you take at home, Medicare doesn’t usually cover Lanoxin, except in certain situations, such as:

  • You receive Lanoxin in the hospital or nursing home as part of your treatment during a covered stay.
  • Your doctor treats you with a Lanoxin injection or IV infusion in the doctor’s office or in an outpatient facility, such as an emergency department.

However, if you have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, your plan may cover Lanoxin you take at home. You can check your plan’s formulary, or list of covered medications and the benefits available for each, to see if it might pay for treatment with Lanoxin; most plans publish their formularies on the plan website.

It’s important to note that plans may change their formularies from time to time, but they must notify you in writing before any changes occur. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare, and each plan develops its own formulary, in accordance with Medicare guidelines. A plan’s formulary may change at any time. When required by law, you will receive notice from your plan of changes to the formulary.

If you take Lanoxin or other prescription medications on a regular basis, you can search for plans that cover them using this Medicare Plan Finder tool on Medicare.gov.

How do I get Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage for Lanoxin?

You can enroll in Part D coverage for prescription drugs by either selecting a stand-alone plan to complement your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) coverage, or by enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan.

If you think you’ll want Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, you may want to enroll as soon as you are eligible, unless you have equivalent or better coverage through another source, such as an employer or union plan. If you don’t have creditable prescription drug coverage and you delay enrollment, you may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty each month with your premium for as long as you are covered.

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