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Louisiana Medicare Part D Plans

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Learn about Medicare Part D in Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, Medicare beneficiaries can receive prescription drug coverage through a number of different options, including enrollment in a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan. Medicare Part D plans, also known as Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs, are private insurance plans that offer coverage on eligible medication costs to Medicare beneficiaries of Louisiana.

Louisiana Medicare beneficiaries can sign up for a Medicare Part D plan in addition to their Original Medicare coverage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy, or certain types of Medicare Advantage plans that offer only health coverage.

Statistics on Louisiana Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare Part D plan availability and costs vary by state. Here are some statistics on the availability of stand-alone Medicare PDPs in the state of Louisiana:

Additionally, here are some statistics on Louisiana residents enrolled in a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan:

Medicare Part D Drug Tiers

Louisiana Medicare Part D plans place medications onto different tiers, with the number of tiers varying between plans. Generic and inexpensive drugs typically fall into the lower tiers and are associated with the lowest co-payment amounts. Brand-name drugs typically fall into the higher tiers and are non-preferred prescription drugs with higher co-pays. It is important to select a plan in Louisiana that offers the best coverage for the combination of prescription drugs you medically require.

Additionally, Medicare requires all Part D in Louisiana to cover at least two drugs within each therapeutic category (antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antibiotics, and more).

Compare Louisiana Medicare Part D Plans

You should consider comparing all available stand-alone Part D plan options in Louisiana because the availability and cost of a Medicare Part D plan varies depending on the state and county in which you live.

In addition, each Medicare Part D plan provider in Louisiana can decide which drugs cover and under which tier to cover them. This means that cost that a Louisiana Medicare beneficiary pays for prescription drugs under one Medicare Part D plan may be complete different from an individual who also lives in Louisiana, takes the same medications, but is enrolled in a different Medicare PDP. It is important to consider your individual prescription drug needs when selecting a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan.

To start comparing Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans in Louisiana today, enter your zip code above for a customized list of plans available in your area. You can also enter in the medications you take to further tailor your plan listings and estimated costs.

Data provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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