Georgia Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

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Learn about Medicare Supplement in Georgia

Georgia residents enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B have the option to enroll in a Medicare Supplement (Medigap or MedSupp) plan to cover the healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not cover, including deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket costs. In most states, there are ten standardized Medigap policy options, each labeled with a letter with all plans of the same letter offering the same benefits.

The costs of Georgia Medigap plans vary depending on the type of plan and the private insurance company offering it. Although plans that have the same letter name, such as Plan A or Plan K, provide the same coverage across the board, premiums of these plans differ between insurance companies. These premiums are determined based on a variety of factors, such as gender, marital status, location, age, and health status. The three different ways that companies rate premiums are no-age-rated, issue-age-rated, and attained-age-rated. No-age-rated premiums are the same regardless of age, issue-age-rated premiums are based on the age of beneficiaries when they purchase the policy, and attained-age-rated premiums are based on the initial age of beneficiaries, and increase as the beneficiary ages. To ensure the lowest premiums, it is best to purchase a Medigap plan in Georgia during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period that takes place when a beneficiary is both 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Statistics on Georgia Medicare Supplement Plans

Here are some statistics Georgia residents enrolled in Medicare Supplement:

Additionally, here are some statistics on Medigap premium costs in Georgia, weighted by enrollment:

Compare Georgia Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap policy benefits in Georgia do not vary between plans for the same type. However, the costs for each plan will vary depending on which carrier is offering the plan. Georgia Medicare beneficiaries should first see what Medigap policies are available in their state, decide which plan type is best for their health needs, and then customize their search to find a Medicare Supplement insurance plan charging costs suited for their budget.

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Data provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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